RSVP Direct Mail programs work. But don't take our word for it. Just ask our clients...

Dream Makers RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerProBuilt Patio Enclosures

"I didn’t think RSVP could generate any leads in June or July…but I was wrong.  They have exceeded all of my expections!"
— Chris Oswalt, Owner



Budget Blinds RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerBudget Blinds

"You’ve probably seen their card decks in your mailbox at home. If you’re like me, you’ll agree that of all the stuff that ends up in there, these are by far the nicest! Even before I purchased my territories, I was more likely to open and browse the RSVP deck than any other direct mail package. They target upscale homeowners in a variety of ways. I’ve recently begun testing their Postcard Package and their Home & Living Magazine - and I'm very pleased with the response rate!"
— Mark Levine, Owner

CertaPro Painters RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerCertaPro Painters

"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been about doing business with RSVP. We have used your program for a few years now, and we continue to see new clients every time a new mailer is sent out. Also, some customers have told us that they kept our card in their "to-do" folder until they were ready to get a bid. Thanks again for offering this service!"
— Andy Wiggins, Owner

Pella Windows & Doors RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerPella Windows & Doors

"I thought it might be important to let you know how important RSVP has been to us these last 6 or 7 years. Pella Windows & Doors tracks its advertising effectiveness through a series of toll-free numbers at a call center, and RSVP mailings continue to stand head and shoulders above any other print-media lead-generating vehicle we use. With RSVP, we've always been able to count on high-quality selling opportunities, meaning that the typical client has the money and the need for Pella products. These typical characteristics lead us to bigger, more profitable jobs. The RSVP packages always look nice, and convey the image and quality that Pella Windows & Doors strives to maintain. Pella is very careful with its "branding" and RSVP has always been very accommodating with regard to Pella's stringent print and artwork requirements. I won't hesitate to recommend RSVP to any company who wants to increase their business."
— Scott Russom, GM

SVI Vascular Institute RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerSVI Vascular Institute

"In this economy businesses tend to struggle especially medical practices that offer cosmetic services. RSVP came to our rescue in March of 2011. Our first mailer went out in April 2011 and within the first week we had over 30 phone calls. I was excited and very impressed. RSVP also offers a wonderful feature called "Call Tracking"; it has made the marketing aspect of my job a lot easier. "Call Tracking" tracks, records and updates you with real time emails and graphs tracking the caller's phone number, address and ' recording the call. RSVP is well worth your time and investment! SVI will definitely be "long term" clients of RSVP! Thank you RSVP for helping in the success of SVI and making my marketing job a lot easier!
— Jennifer Gillespie, Office Manager

Kreis' Restaurant RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerKreis' Restaurant

"Well, the fact that we started with RSVP in June of 2011 and haven't missed an issue since then says it all! Like most restaurant owners, we were apprehensive about discounting...thinking it would hurt our image. Nothing could be further from the truth! You were right about RSVP customers being fine diners, not coupon cutters. They order appetizers, cocktails, bottles of wine and dessert. The average per ticket is much higher with these customers. They also tip well so our servers love them. We are very happy with RSVP and highly recommend them to any restaurant that would like to increase their business."
— George Tompras & Renee Bogdanos, Owners

The Maids RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerThe Maids

"RSVP's unique co-op package puts you in the company of other high end services and retailers to reach the customers with the demographics you want. We have used them for several years and depend on the quality of their product, their attention to detail and excellent customer service to promote our business, generate leads and help us achieve a high closing ratio. We are very happy with RSVP and recommend them to anyone who needs to reach an upper-end homeowner."
— Lynn Jacobson, Owner

Dalo Glass & Tinting RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerDalo Glass & Tinting

"Dalo Glass Tinting has been using the RSVP direct mail cards for the last 10 years and these cards have been without a doubt our best source of advertising. The cards look great and are marketed to homeowners that have the income level to invest in their home. I think it is a big help that the other advertisers in the package are all mid to high end products that our in-line with the targeted customers. I have been very pleased with the service that we have received from Ken and his staff as they have been very helpful in creating and re-designing our cards when needed. If you have any questions about RSVP, please feel free to give me a call."
— Danny Thaker, Owner

Meyer Contracting RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerMeyer Contracting

"Time is money and we hate running leads only to find out the people we’re meeting can’t afford our services. We have been advertising with RSVP for years and never have this problem with them. When prospects call us from our RSVP postcard, they are qualified and ready to buy. Our closing ratio is higher with RSVP and the profit margins are better because the homes are bigger. The service and attention to detail RSVP provides is outstanding. The ads they create make us look terrific and reflect well on our company. I would recommend them to any business owner."
— Bryan Meyer, Owner

Cartwright Tree Care RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerCartwright Tree Care

"We have been doing business with RSVP since 2006. We are very pleased with the outcome of every postcard drop. We have seen an increase in revenue as well as returning customers. The staff is amazing, quick, professional, attentive, creative and much more! Our postcard’s design is always crafted beautifully. This company is highly recommendable and we will use them for years to come!"
— Cheryl Cartwright, Owner

Mosquito Squad RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerMosquito Squad

"We have been very pleased with the results from RSVP. We have not seen results like these in any other form of print advertising. (In the past we have done AdPages, magazines, newspapers and Every Door Direct Mailer). This year we participated in 2 RSVP mailings. One in early May and one in June. We got approx 50 new customers and approx 20 of them signed on for multiple treatments. We will for sure do this campaign again next year."
— Martha Baur, Owner

C Bennett RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerC Bennett Premium Building Supplies

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with RSVP. I love the call tracking service. It allows me to see all the leads that each mailer has generated and if they turned into sales. Great job RSVP!"
— Ken Bennett, Owner

C Bennett RSVP St. Louis / Kansas City postcard package mailerQuality Concrete Raising

"Advertising with RSVP has been a great decision.  They provide me with many qualified leads througout the entire year."
— Ben Stegmann, Owner