Solo Postcard Mailings

RSVP Solo Card Mailings

RSVP offers solo postcard mailings to fit your particular needs. Our solo postcards can be used as a stand-alone marketing tool, or as a way to keep in touch with prospective customers in between RSVP postcard package mailings. All of our solo programs are turnkey. We provide design, list, printing, ink jetting of addresses and postage.  

  • Color: UV and color front & back options available
  • 6" X 11", 6" X 9", 6" X 4.25"
  • Mailing List: We can customize a mailing list and/or use your database to target specific customers. If we use your database we will perform diagnostic maintenance and provide a list of all the undeliverable addresses at no charge. 

Stand-Alone Format

  • Oversized, personalized 9” X 6” direct-response postcard gets customer’s attention in the mailbox
  • High-quality printing ensures your company is presented as a leader

Lead Follow-Up

  • The success of your campaign is confirmed with RSVP Call Tracking

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