Frequently Asked Questions

RSVP has been helping businesses like yours increase their sales since 1985. Here are answers to the most common facts about RSVP. If you have questions, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Who does RSVP mail to?

“If They Can Afford Your Product or Service, They Are On Our List!” 

RSVP mails to the most affluent, owner-occupied homes in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas, as well as in over 100 markets nationwide. RSVP reaches an upscale consumer that can afford your product or service. 

Meet The Average RSVP Homeowner

  • Spends 3.2 Times More Than the Average U.S. Household 
  • Holds 60% of Total U.S. Earned Income, and 70% of Consumer Wealth
  • Are Highly-Educated Earners with Household Incomes of $100K+; Doctors, Executives, Business Owners, and Professionals
  • Are Primarily 30-64 Years of Age
  • Use Paper Coupons at Least Once a Month
  • Are Homeowners Planning to Remodel, Redecorate, and Renovate their Home and Grounds
  • Dines Out More Often Than the Average Household
  • Are Major Supporters of the Arts and Charities
  • Are Responsible for Half or More of Spending on Kitchen Appliances, Second Homes, Jewelry, Watches, Wine, and Pet Care
  • Are Heavy Users of Digital Products
  • Are Frequent Travelers
  • 86% are married with children 
 These figures are based on a combined average of our total circulation.

Why should I use RSVP?

1. We Are Marketing Experts

We are Direct Mail and Marketing experts. Established in 1985, we are one of the largest direct mail advertising companies in the nation with offices in virtually every major market in the country. With thousands of ads to draw upon, we know what works and can tailor a program to meet your specific needs and budget requirements. Growing your sales and business is our number one priority! 

2. Targeted Consumers

Now more than ever, advertising to people who cannot afford your products and services is a waste of time and money. RSVP targets affluent consumers living in single family homes. We do not mail to any low end homes, apartments, condos or businesses.

3. Quality Design and Look

You have one second to make an impact on a consumer. Our design team knows exactly how to transform that second into a new customer for your business. All of our printing and ads look great and will convey your company's positive image.

4. Increase Online Activity

RSVP can help increase your targeted website traffic, Facebook likes, and e-mail list sign-ups.

5. Affordable

RSVP offers effective direct mail and online solutions to fit every budget and every type of business. RSVP is simply the most cost-effective advertising available. No other company can match our quality, list, price and most important - return on investment. Please remember, the most expensive advertising is the kind that doesn't work.

How do I know RSVP will work?

There is no way to predict the success rate of an ad campaign. However, we have hundreds of examples from companies all over the country and would be happy to show you some successful ads from your category. In many cases, we can put you in touch with similar businesses who use RSVP. Please click here to see what our clients have to say about us.

Facts That Support Results

  • "90% of postcards received in the mail are read immediately." (United States Postal Service) "85% of people who sort the mail are primary decision makers on household spending." (United States Postal Service)
  • "73% of people preferred direct mail for new product information and offers over e-mail (18%)" (Pitney Bowes study) 
  • "On average every $1 you spend on direct mail advertising will bring you $10 in sales" (United States Postal Service)
  • "The fastest growing segment of direct marketing is postcard packages. You can get more information on postcard mailings by calling RSVP the originator and leader of this advertising format." (Jay Conrad Levison, Author of the best seller "Guerilla Marketing Weapons")
  • "Direct Mail is overwhelmingly seen as the best medium for providing ROI by a 2 to1 margin over the second best medium, the internet." (Lightspeed Research)

Is RSVP available in other markets?

RSVP regularly reaches the most affluent 11 million owner-occupied homes in America, and has a proven track record of success in cities nationwide. For more information about advertising in other markets, please contact us.

What other services does RSVP provide?

RSVP offers effective direct mail solutions to fit every budget and every type of business. All of our programs are turn key and target affluent single family homeowners who can afford your products and services. Please call to arrange a no obligation, no pressure consultation. In Kansas City call (913) 491-6618. In St. Louis call (636) 386-7787. 

Is RSVP green?

RSVP Publications: Leadership in Environmental Conservation 

Facts about the Environment and Direct Marketing Advertising accounts for less than 2% (< 0.02) of all Municipal Waste
Source: Environmental Protection Agency

RSVP was Green before Green was cool.

For more than 10 years, RSVP has led the way in environmental stewardship, seeking out partnerships in the paper and printing industries to produce RSVP postcard decks in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Paper Partner: Tembec

  • Tembec Paper is made from fibers harvested from sustainably managed forests using the highest designation for environmentally and socially responsible forestry practices in the world
  • Sustainability – replaces trees harvested for paper production
  • Uses over 98% of the wood fiber that enters their mills – less than 2% waste during manufacturing process


  • All RSVP card decks are printed on FSC certified Tembec papers
  • Uses vegetable-based inks that are bio-degradable
  • Uses aqueous (water-based) coatings
  • Wraps decks in recyclable polypropylene
  • Recycles all waste and excess paper trimmed from final product

Can RSVP help increase my website and social media traffic?


RSVP is the perfect way to drive targeted consumers to your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email list. Your RSVP postcard give you several options to link consumers to your web presence:

  • Prominently list your website on your RSVP postcard.
  • Ask people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest.
  • Invite people to join your email list.

How does RSVP compare to other media?

RSVP is simply your best choice for qualified leads and new customers. Compare RSVP to other media and you’ll see what a value RSVP really is: 


  • Very expensive
  • Requires high frequency
  • Most people aren’t actively listening
  • Quickly forgotten
  • Many competitors
  • Doesn’t reach satellite listeners
  • Ads can be preempted
  • High production cost 

TV & Cable 

  • Very expensive
  • Most viewers record programs and skip commercials
  • Most viewers are not your customer
  • Requires high frequency
  • Ads can be preempted
  • Many competitors
  • High production cost 

Newstand Magazines

  • Cost per home is very expensive
  • Small paid circulation
  • Ads are randomly placed so you can’t be sure your ad will be seen
  • Many competitors
  • Article/content driven

Low-End Direct Mail

  • Reaches lower income homeowners
  • Mails to apartments, condos and businesses
  • Low quality printing/ ”junk mail” look
  • Doesn’t reflect well on your company image
  • Many competitors

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

  • Reaches lower income homeowners
  • Mails to apartments, condos and businesses
  • Mail piece is often inserted with other newspaper type direct mail and can be easily missed 
  • Cost per home is very expensive in comparison to RSVP

RSVP Postcard Package

  • RSVP only mails to affluent, single family homeowners who can afford your product, which means there is no waste 
  • High quality/looks great and will convey your company's positive image
  • The RSVP postcard package is unique and will ensure your ad gets seen - and seen by the right people
  • The RSVP postcard package is like a hand-held billboard that gives your ad individual attention
  • RSVP is very affordable and will generate a positive ROI And remember, the most expensive advertising is the kind that doesn't work

Does RSVP offer call tracking?

Leads are precious...treat them like gold. 

RSVP Call Tracking solutions provide advertisers the ability to track, capture, chart, record and organize inbound sales calls in real time.

Why track your phone calls? 

 The telephone is still the primary point of contact with customers for many businesses. Call Tracking is a valuable opportunity to capitalize on this potential. Call Tracking is a management tool that can actually help maximize the return on your advertising dollars, especially for local and service-based businesses.

How does RSVP Call Tracking work?

Call tracking is easy to use with your business: 

  1. Analyze call traffic to identify and track the response that your RSVP mailing is generating
  2. Capture unanswered calls so every prospect can be called back
  3. Collect caller names and addresses for future promotions
  4. Record customer calls for quality assurance and to identify training and coaching opportunities

Utilizes your existing phone system. 

RSVP provides Call Tracking* numbers for your RSVP mailings; Toll Free or local calls ring to the phone number you designate. (Callers are automatically notified of recording as required by law. Employee consent is required).

Anytime access to calls and reporting tools.

Log in via an online, password-protected portal. Listen to call recordings; view, print, download and share detailed reports. No hardware or software to install. *RSVP Call Tracking numbers will remain active for 60 days from mail date.

On-Line Marketing vs Direct Mail

By Aimee Picchi | CBS MoneyWatch | November 2, 2015

Here's one place where paper still rules. Whatever Groupon's (GRPN) strengths, it may not be able to touch the enduring appeal of old-school mail coupons.

Americans can't kick the habit of using coupons from fliers and mailings, according to a new survey from, which found that 85 percent of consumers still use paper coupons. They're even popular with digital natives, given that 18- to 24-year-olds say they're about twice as likely to use paper coupons as online discount codes or other online coupons.

The results "show that plenty of us are still opening our mail and clipping coupons like we have for decades," said Matt Schulz,'s senior industry analyst. "Americans are generally creatures of habit."

Still, Schulz said he was surprised by the survey's results, considering it was designed to find out how many consumers use the opt-in deals credit cards offer. These deals provide discounts for consumers when they buy items with their cards, such as ordering flowers from a floral service.

"What we found is about half of American credit-card holders don't realize that these card-linked offers are out there," he said.

Other digital coupons didn't measure up to paper, either. The study found only 17 percent of consumers enter a discount code on a website, and 15 percent use smartphone coupons or discounts. 

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